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  • Bee Pollen Western Australia
  • Bee Pollen Western Australia

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Western Australian Bee Pollen is one of our favorites. This amazing superfood is packed with protein, is highly nutritious, and has all the 8 essential amino acids. Great to increase vitamins and minerals and contains many essential 'B' vitamins for nerve health. Great way to reduce hayfever and allergies.



Our Bee Pollen is sourced from the beautiful West Australian Forests where, twice a year, the wildflowers bloom, giving this product its unique and nutritious profile. The plant species produce high-quality pollens and are harvested free from chemicals. It is sourced from pristine forests and conservation reserves. As it is a seasonal product it is sometimes unavailable - so be sure to keep some on hand!

The pollen is collected by worker bees who collect more than the hive needs. As they enter the hive, a mesh brushes the surplus pollen from the bees as they pass through. The bees are always treated ethically throughout the process and are left wild.



In rare cases, a severe allergic reaction to pollen may be experienced. Those with allergies to bee pollen and bee products should not consume this product. 



West Australian bee pollen granules.




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